Concrete lack of interest

Guess i can use this space to organize my thoughts on current and past series

  1. Manga: Shaman King

    by , Tue, 08-30-2011 at 06:29 PM (Concrete lack of interest)
    At first as i read it i sympathized with the main character's attitude, enjoyed the fighting system and appreciated the structured plot... which went to fuckvile around the last 50 or 60 chapters, with the shitty translations not helping either. Seriously, shit got so confusing that i needed a whole guide and 4 different websites to find all the available material.

    Cancellation was a huge blow, even with the eventual True End that somehow came to be it all still felt very rushed with ...
  2. Winter 2010/11 - Afterthoughts

    by , Mon, 04-04-2011 at 04:13 PM (Concrete lack of interest)
    IS Infinite Stratos - 3/10

    Why did i even watch this shit?
    To Aru Majutsu no Index II - 7/10

    An adaptation with poor pacing and poor production values, if not for the characters I would have rated it much lower
    Star Driver - 9/10

    Slow pacing but otherwise great, had fun watching it and am hoping ( though not expecting it ) for more out of it.
    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka - 8/10

    Hilarious, the story was poor and

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  3. Winter 2010/11

    by , Wed, 01-19-2011 at 01:48 PM (Concrete lack of interest)

    IS Infinite Stratos - 4/10

    Kimi ni Todoke 2 - 8/10

    Star Driver - 8/10

    To Aru Majutsu no Index II - 8/10

    Yumekui Merry - 7/10

    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka - 8/10

    Dragon Crisis! - 7/10

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 9/10

    Level E - 7/10

    Gosick - 8/10

    Plan to watch:



    The scores are simply my first impressions ...

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