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  1. Cultivate Mindfulness: Issue 1 (11/1611)

    Although this post bears no direct relevance to Manga and this is a Anime/Manga fan-site, I found one of the initial contributing factors of what drew me into manga was the story, the very human element within that allowed me to empathize with the characters. For this Reason I have decided that everyday I will post an article that I find thought provoking whether it be Anime/Manga oriented or not; cultivating the mind whether it be through art, manga, literature, film, or any other medium is a worth ...
  2. Artificial Intelligence - Part 3; "Can you hear me now?"

    This is kind of messy, I think. It's really a continuation of what I was writing in response to Kraco.

    Hollywood Undead aside, mobile technology is what will eventually allow you to have your own personal robotic AI in your house or at your work. Yes, that smartphone in your pocket will be the same stuff that allows your robotic AI to greet the Jahovah's Witness and engage in a humorous conversation about god, but we will save the morals of this for the next blog entry.

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    Artificial Intelligence
  3. Artificial Intelligence - Part 2; "Rosie the Robot serves pancakes."

    For those of you born more recently, Rosie the Robot is from an older animated series called the Jetsons. She basically looks like a couple large tin cans with some antenna and claws and acted as the maid for the family. You can actually buy something quite similar from a start up company called Willow Garage.

    Willow Garage's PR2 (stands for Personal Robot, Version 2) is a small robot that accepts customer written scripts to do different tasks. Think of it like the Matrix when ...
  4. Artificial Intelligence - Part 1; "I want an android sex doll."

    I hope that title got your attention, and no it's not about that piece of shit google is whoring out. This series will be about my personal passion, artificial intelligence. It will touch a bit on all parts and hopefully give you some insight to the field and where it's going as we are about to head into 2012.

    So yeah, you want an android sex doll and so does everyone else. This will actually be the first major market when androids are mass produced, regardless of intelligence ...

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    Artificial Intelligence
  5. Manga: Shaman King

    by , Tue, 08-30-2011 at 06:29 PM (Concrete lack of interest)
    At first as i read it i sympathized with the main character's attitude, enjoyed the fighting system and appreciated the structured plot... which went to fuckvile around the last 50 or 60 chapters, with the shitty translations not helping either. Seriously, shit got so confusing that i needed a whole guide and 4 different websites to find all the available material.

    Cancellation was a huge blow, even with the eventual True End that somehow came to be it all still felt very rushed with ...
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