Forum upgrade to-do list

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  • get rid of excessive white space when user's got a short-ish post and a sig moved a big-ish block of postbit_legacy code up a div, which made that look a lot better.
  • More visible icon theme for infractions - maybe rip off old infraction yellow/red card icons? kraco's on icons
  • More visible icon theme for reputation kraco's on icons
  • Fix Avatar in Blog Comments apparently the "common" stylevar "avatar_height" controls blog avatar height, but not postbit_legacy. Or something like that...
  • remove "reply to thread" button or maybe not, some users actually use that. Maybe find a better place
  • get a HR or some other separator between post title and post body
  • deal with category/heading alignment and shadow issues
  • maybe come up with a better look for the blog pages...
  • do something about the active tab to make it not as janked-up looking (maybe round-out the corners or something, research required)
  • do something better about pagination theme (Munsu might look at this)
  • pagination on thread list in a forum with lots of pages overlaps with other icons

  • Add a "today's posts" button for people who don't like "New Posts" to only show unread stuff nav template tweaked to include that as an option
  • edit post -> go advanced seems to be broken. Debug that. Fixed
  • Add Fansubs link to navtab done via custom hook-catching plugin
  • Get analytics in place again the easy template-hack way for now
  • Untangle front-page and forums backends, have cms take over the front page.
  • CMS - import wordpress? Start from scratch?
  • CMS - make sure comments work, promotions, etc.
  • advertise the albums feature better
  • increase cutoff length for blog posts, cms content previews.
  • Add forum index link to footer links
  • Refine infraction system
  • Move analytics from a template paste-in to a plugin for the footer javascript hook...

Wish List
  • Rebuilt torrent-page that somewhat integrates
  • Torrent tracker update
  • Dark theme that doesn't suck
  • Mobile theme?

Updated Wed, 01-19-2011 at 08:33 PM by complich8



  1. Kraco's Avatar
    "Style tweak: More visible icon theme for infractions - maybe rip off old infraction yellow/red card icons?"

    I changed the add infraction hover to red, when changing colours in bulk. But as I'm not yet sure what these infraction flags are in the first place, I'll need to get do some research before pondering their icons/colours more deeply.
  2. Munsu's Avatar
    Get some sleep.
  3. Marik's Avatar
    Hrmm, Go Advanced doesn't seem to work when editing a post. It just hangs forever. Can't edit title or add attachments after somethings been posted anymore.
    Updated Mon, 01-17-2011 at 05:56 PM by Marik
  4. Munsu's Avatar
    Fix paging theme.
    Increase font-size of Usernames/User titles.
  5. Munsu's Avatar
    Fix Avatar in Blog Comments
  6. complich8's Avatar
    ahh, yes, that
  7. complich8's Avatar
    edit post -> quick reply is fixed. apparently 4.1.0 -> 4.1.1 they added a "PATH" variable that gets set in the headinclude template. vb_quick_edit.js was barfing on the undefined PATH variable, which it didn't use in 4.1.0.