Artificial Intelligence - Part 1; "I want an android sex doll."

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I hope that title got your attention, and no it's not about that piece of shit google is whoring out. This series will be about my personal passion, artificial intelligence. It will touch a bit on all parts and hopefully give you some insight to the field and where it's going as we are about to head into 2012.

So yeah, you want an android sex doll and so does everyone else. This will actually be the first major market when androids are mass produced, regardless of intelligence level, because who the hell doesn't want a back up plan for when your woman is on her period? Either that or you're just lonely. I expect Japan to sell half a million on the first day of release. I know, I know, you're thinking "Wow, you're such a god damn pervert." but really if we release androids with AI before sex dolls then there will be huge, HUGE problems.

First let's look at what I mean by AI: There are two types of AI, "strong" and "weak". Strong AI are the types you see in movies, they can think for themselves, learn, have advanced problem solving, sometimes empathy and seem overall like a living being. Weak AI are the types you see in the world around you today, they are designed to only operate within a small set of parameters and have limited learning and decision making capabilities. Traditionally AI programmers have thought that if you build enough weak AI systems and string them together you get a strong AI, and I'm here to tell you that they are fucking retarded and don't deserve their job. That's not why I'm writing this paragraph though. So yeah, if you have a sex doll then it must have a weak AI, because as it turns out if you create a true strong AI then it is actually protected by law and has at minimum the same rights as any other animal. If you manage to teach it how to program another AI that counts as reproduction and it is likely to gain the same rights as humans.

Now, think about it. You mass produce all these androids before you make the sex dolls, and what are the perverts going to do? They are going to rip them open and put their own sex toys inside the things, because they don't automatically see them as a true sentient beings and simply don't care what happens to them. This is against their rights, and then they get pissed off and riot and we end up 200 years in the future strapped into chairs with plugs in the back of our heads trying to save Morpheus. I don't want to end up in some giant city cave thing dancing to bongos with flying machine squid trying to rip me apart.

So you agree? You want android sex dolls.

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Artificial Intelligence


  1. Kraco's Avatar
    I don't see any AIs, weak or strong, around me in today's world. All I see are algorithms designed to solve a very limited spectrum of problems, such as how an NPC will sneak behind your back in a game or how an advanced empty elevator will move itself to the optimal floor in a tall building to mimimize everybody's average waiting time. But that's not intelligence at all, not even weak. To be called weak, we would need an autonomous entity, either physical or fully software, that's at least on the level of animals - and I'm not going to count Aibo in.

    As of now, humans cannot even imagine a true AI, or any sort of alien intelligence. All we have in fiction or speculation are either copies of the human intelligence or twisted versions of it. Thus, nobody can say whether a sex android could or should possess one. But if it did, it wouldn't certainly be a doll anymore.
  2. dragonrage's Avatar
    lol, thanks for the laughs. Please get back on your meds.
  3. Barumonk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kraco
    To be called weak, we would need an autonomous entity, either physical or fully software, that's at least on the level of animals
    This is actually not true. Any software, no matter how simplistic, that is able to make choices based on a limited set of parameters for a specific environment is considered a weak AI. Strong AI don't really exist except for a few specific examples which most people consider to be on the right path, but still far from complete.
  4. Lucifus's Avatar
    Si; Mr. Barumonk is correct in his terminology. Granted, you may not wish to dub a weak AI as possessing any form of intelligence.

    I'm totally gonna bring up Sex Androids in our next AI seminar. -_-
  5. Kraco's Avatar
    Bah. It's nothing but researchers' self-gratification to call their very rudimentary creations a real AI. Even a weak AI. By that reckoning even I have programmed an AI years ago, when I coded a path finding algorithm. That's only an AI within a closed environment, that is, the game it was designed for. And as such it's only terminology meant for that specific purpose and not meant to be expanded outside of it. It's not a universal AI.

    But if that's the official terminology, then so be it. Not really my field, but from the outside, I can laugh at it.