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I have finally watched 1000 anime titles.

I keep my list at ANN. I'm pretty sure it's actually over 1000 because some new titles are still not in the ANN encyclopaedia. Still, this is the "official" 1000 landmark.

I still remember the witty conversations between Lafiel and Jinto, the casual promise between Ginko and Tanyuu, the trail of cheese from C.C.'s lips, the green starry sky Hitagi loves, the reunion of Makoto and Iphreeta, the varied expressions of the pokute, Tanabe Ai's kindness and resolve, Alicia’s retirement ceremony, and the final peaceful smiles on Chrono and Rosette’s faces. Emotions bring tears, and I am glad I have been moved enough from both ends of the spectrum. I have sobbed for tragedies, and have had my eyes tearing up from laughter. I have found meaning in some, and gladly lost it for others. Reminiscing about all this allows me the satisfaction and assurance that my time could not have been better spent.

True, there are shows that are better forgotten, but even those have their purpose. Only by watching the hideous shows can one truly appreciate the value of those that are executed masterfully. The text usage in Miyako's phone scene, and the subtle focus on Nagi's hands are direction plateaus that are not easily surpassed. Only by wading through the scummy water of generic mediocrity can one understand the excellent satires and Cheerios. Even the ones I wish I can forget, I would never wish to have not seen.

Aside from emotional stimulation, I have gained much more from the 1000. I have gained several fetishes, from loli to underarm. I have made quite a bit of art, either adapted (ruined?) from existing works or from scratch. I have made friends, both online and in the Real (though admittedly, have lost my fair share for the same reason). I have also acquired the ability to recommend shows for practically any genre, since I hardly filter the shows I watch (which usually proves to be my undoing). Indeed, I have gained much of... things not worth bragging about, but still I have gained (as pathetic as that may read). And that is pretty much the point of this long-winded and incoherent post, to brag (LOL). Since that is done, I will end it here.

Now to celebrate with good food, drinks, and a pedo bear shirt.

Updated Fri, 01-28-2011 at 03:57 AM by shinta|hikari

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  1. RyougaZell's Avatar
    Does ANN count movies from the same series as separate titles o_O?
  2. shinta|hikari's Avatar
    Yeah, I think most lists do. For example, there is Dragon ball, then a title for each of the different movies that came out for it.
  3. enkoujin's Avatar
    You, sir, should be an archiver of some sort if anime was a religion.
  4. Archangel's Avatar
    As commemoration for this achievement you should export your list to MAL
  5. shinta|hikari's Avatar
    Is there an automatic way to do that? Because if not, I probably can't do it. I don't want to spend a week exporting everything manually.
  6. Munsu's Avatar
    I need to start an anime list myself, everything is in my head at the moment.
  7. RyougaZell's Avatar
    I'm too lazy to make a list
  8. shinta|hikari's Avatar
    It is indeed actually harder than it seems to make a list. Maintaining is easy, but starting one if you have already seen a lot is really tedious.

    I made this list after having seen 700+ titles, so it took me a few hours a day for one week to complete the list. I did not include hentai stuff though. That would have made the list almost infinite...
  9. Archangel's Avatar

    Also i found it pretty easy to do, just added shit from time to time as i remembered it.
  10. Buffalobiian's Avatar
    I've got to maintain my list myself. Mine's pretty awkward though, being that it's a draft email that I just keep editing - will export it to somewhere else whenever I get around to it. It's been sitting there since around September 2009 or something, maybe longer.
  11. Sapphire's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by enkoujin
    You, sir, should be an archiver of some sort if anime was a religion.
    This is so true.
  12. Dark Dragon's Avatar
    I tried making a list a while back and it turned out to be too much work. You definitely have me beat in total anime watched though.