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Can you sub my favorite show X?

We get this a lot. You'd be amazed really.

GotWoot is affiliated with AnimeOne. However, GotWoot is NOT the fansub group, nor a fansubbing organization. We don't fansub, and so we won't (and can't) sub your pet show.

Further, it's distinctly possible that it's already been subbed. Search anidb to find a LOT of information about the series.

When is the next release?

Once again, GotWoot is not a fansubbing organization. We're a distribution mechanism and a community affiliated with AnimeOne.

Because we're not in direct interaction with the fansubbing process, we don't really know what the next thing out of the pipe will be or when it's coming.

Also, when you're talking about fansubbing in general, most groups have ad-hoc release schedules -- they release things when they're done. Because it's a hobby, not a job, many fansubbers rightly put their real life obligations before it. This causes numerous unforeseen delays.

Even the fansubbers don't usually know when the next release will be, until right before it happens. So it's pointless to ask.

What is GotWoot?

GotWoot is an anime-centric community affiliated with AnimeOne.

Currently, GotWoot consists of a main website, these forums, the BitTorrent tracker and the IRC network.

What isn't GotWoot

GotWoot is NOT AnimeOne. We're friends and neighbors, we're closely affiliated, but we're still two distinct organizations.

GotWoot isn't JUST a BitTorrent tracker site, either.

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