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You are allowed to use a custom avatar to represent yourself.

Avatars are not allowed to be larger than 64KB or 100x100 pixels in size. They can be smaller. Larger images will be automatically resized.

The "no spoilers" rule extends to avatars. Please don't make an avatar of characters that would spoil a plot detail of some anime/manga/movie/game, for example.

No animated avatars are allowed. They're distracting and generally bad.

Finally, try to keep avatars tasteful. If your avatar falls into the "malware" category you shouldn't use it. Forum admins reserve the right to remove your avatar if it's found to be generally offensive.


You may use signatures to customize your posts, however they must follow the following guidelines:

No signature images larger than 400x100 pixels (that's 400 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall). Larger sigs may be removed.

You may have only ONE image per siguature.

No animated signatures. No sig rotation scripts either.

No excessively enlarged font sizes in your sig. You can make them smaller, but don't make them substantially larger.

Spoiler and Decency rules also apply to signatures. Keep it clean and spoiler-free.

Your signature should have no more than 4-5 lines of text, and fewer than that if you've also got an image. While we don't have a particularly hard rule set for how many lines you can have, keep it concise. Administrators reserve the right to edit your signature if it's found to be excessively long.

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