I recently went back to college. I picked up my old graphic design major again. This is a field of study I really enjoy, but my school teaches graphic design from a print media perspective. I was looking forward to taking a class in web design [ART 361] this semester.

Now, just five days before the start of the Fall semester, my professor has canceled his web design class. I've already checked, and he won't be teaching one next semester either.

At first I got mad. I wrote an email to my professor calling print media "archaic," and I asked how I was expected to find an internship without any web design in my portfolio. My professor's response was basically, "too bad." I don't know why I expected a more reasonable answer than that. Just my collegiate idealism I suppose.

So now it's become obvious that I have to learn web design on my own. From a cursory google search, there are approximately eleventy bajillion websites about web design. Most of these seem like they're either trying to shovel templates on me, or sell me proprietary web design software I've never heard of.

So where are the good web design resources? I've read some of the w3c tutorials. The html and css tutorials are pretty straightforward, but other tutorials are clearly written for experienced web designers.

Is there a good web resource where I can learn modern web design on industry standard software? How about books? If i was to buy only one book on web design, which should I buy?

My college has a license for dreamweaver (not that it's doing them any good), so I'd like to start there if possible.

Serious suggestions would be greatly appreciated.