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Thread: Bleach Forum Adjustment

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    Bleach Forum Adjustment

    As you might have noticed we have made Bleach Manga a child-forum of Bleach.

    To make it short, we've noticed and it was brought to our attention that overall the Bleach discussion has been found lacking, so we decided to make a child forum instead of removing the full forum.

    We have enabled sub-forums to appear in the main page, so as far as clicks goes, the manga section should be easy to access.

    For anime-only viewers you should now be extra careful when entering a thread linked on the main page as it could belong to the manga section.

    For manga readers, pay attention to which section a particular thread belongs to as to not post unwanted spoilers.

    Hope this adjustment works for most of you guys overall.

    Feel free to voice your opinion.
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    I approve.

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    I'm not sure what the difference is. The Manga forum still has it's own slot on the main page, but the manga threads are ALSO appearing under the General Bleach forum.

    So, for example, I'm looking at the main page right now and I see:

    Bleach - Bleach Chapter 456

    { Bleach Manga - Bleach Chapter 456

    I don't really see how this is saving on forum space.

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    I really don't know what the heck you're looking at. The sub-forum in the main page appears in the description of Bleach, in a space that was already allocated for that forum. The manga forum does not have it's own slot.

    You might be using some funky forum settings I don't know about.

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    OK, I think I saw what you were doing. You weren't in the main page, you were inside the Anime, Manga, and related topics section. In that section the sub-forum wasn't displaying as it should. I fixed that now, let me know if you see the difference now.

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    Aye, I only see one Bleach forum from the main page now(or the one you say I have bookmarked). Looks good.

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    Yeah it seems to me like you have bookmarked instead of simply the index, come on you're missing half the site!

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