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Thread: Bleach 356

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    Bleach 356

    Quote Originally Posted by Marik View Post
    [HorribleSubs] Bleach 356 - 720p mkv: Torrent | DDL
    [HorribleSubs] Bleach 356 - 480p mkv: Torrent | DDL
    [HorribleSubs] Bleach 355 - 480p avi: Torrent | DDL


    Yeeesh! Cuts on his eyes. Thats pretty fucking gruesome.

    I don't know why, but every time Ginjo speaks all I can see is Keith David.

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    Interesting episode. It seems like things might be getting more serious (though some things are still very cheesy). But by "serious", I mean perhaps darker. Ichigo might finally have an intent to kill his enemies. Soooooo......... Inoue finally gets a little badass??? Why has it taken this long? Is she stronger? Or did she just learn to use what she already had? (In another context, that might be funny)

    I like Ginjo. I want to hate him, but I can't. And cutting someone's eyes out. Nice! After all that, Ichigo only STARTS to get angry? HAHAHAHA!!! Damn. It was obvious that Ginjo wanted Ichigo to fight, but no matter what the reasons were, it's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Yet, Ichigo can't seem to realize there's no more gum to chew. He's stupider than Inoue. WOW!!! Did I just say that? Yeah I did.

    I want Ginjo to keep kicking Ichigo's ass. Actually, Inoue, Chad... heck even Renji should start kicking Ichigo's ass. If they did this in fillers, I'd watch all the fillers. Oh man, Kon has GOTTA get in on this too.

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    Hah! Funny...

    I liked the ep for it's gore. I want more.

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