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Thread: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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    The iron maiden scene was pretty badass.

    It's like they are living in a game where certain major events arrive at set intervals, but what happens between them is all up to the players (the isekai transfer folks) and the denizens of the world. And they are screwing up those periods where they should obviously be getting a lot stronger with maximum efficiency, but instead they are doing stuff incorrectly. The situation was made worse by the first wave having noob difficulty, so they could clear it no problem, giving them false confidence. Well, everyone but Naofumi who is facing unreasonable struggles with little outside support, so he possessed no illusions of grandeur.

    Using an arbitrary example, it's like for the first wave they should have risen to lvl 10 and gained basic equipment, which was easy by grinding slimes, giant rats, and goblins, but for the second wave they were expected to get to lvl 20 and have advanced equipment. Yet they only got to lvl 15 due to not changing things sufficiently and only upgraded the equipment partially. If by the third wave they should be lvl 30 with expert equipment, it would be all the more difficult due to lagging behind already as it is.

    The heroes also possess zilch cooperation, as expected, so they are all more or less fighting individual battles unnecessarily.

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    The other three heroes are like mid to high level 60s though, based on the status screens they were showing.

    They're not weak, they just suck. Endless grinding so they have a high level, but they have no idea how to actually use the abilities and system they're in.

    Naofumi isn't the only one with other weapons besides his base one. Motoyasu used a different spear in their 1-on-1plusSkank duel.

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    I loved the added bit where Filo interrogates Motoyaso in her loli-form, and the dude can't retaliate cuz his dick says so.

    If it's not Isuzu-chan Mii~

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