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Thread: 2023 New Years Resolutions

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    2023 New Years Resolutions

    2022 resolutions

    How do you feel about them looking back? did you stick to them? how did the year go for you, and what are the plans for 2023?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David75 View Post
    My resolution ? No resolution
    Seriously, just living without major problems, keeping everything afloat is enough.
    I take all the happiness I can, cope with stress and strokes of bad luck when then come and hopefully go.
    See you early 2023 !
    I stand by the same rules.
    2022 was harsh, not bad per se, only very harsh

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    I actually did get rid of all excess screens in my appartment, except for the HDTV that I'm using right now while I'm typing. I want to get rid of that one, too, but I also want some big picture for movie watching. It's difficult.

    Otherwise: My more important resolutions are the same, can't say I've been successful at losing weight last year. I'm motivated to lose some severe weight until July, though, which is when I'll be in the fatty hospital again, and I'd be too embarassed returning there with MORE weight than I had when I left last time ...

    If I might add one more resolution for the year: I finally need to start writing another book. Have had a severe form of writer's block for years now, combined with several ideas that kinda get in the way of each other. But I want to do something creatively productive, so hopefully I can stay motivated for this.

    Happy new year, everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalobiian View Post
    -Didn't get COVID.
    -Still procrastinating. Giving exams a shot this year but will probably fail because I haven't prepared enough.
    -Still don't like people much.
    -Still skinny-fat.
    Got the COVID.
    Passed some exams.
    REALLY don't like people, and I think I'm going to keep it that way.
    More fat.

    This year..
    -be less fat.
    -probably invest more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Death BOO Z View Post
    kind of managed to hold on to the pizza part.
    for 2022
    - find myself in this job
    - either find a new place to live (rent alone) or buy (take a morgaege, etc..)
    - do new things, meet more people, etc
    guess i'm doing better at my job, not feeling like it, but probably learned a lot.
    three months ago my landlord said that he wants to renovate the apartment so i had to leave. managed to find an aparmtment that i can rent alone, so no more roommates. that's good!
    haven't been social enough, not with new people and not with people i know.

    For 2023 I'll focus on evolution rather than revolution. find the things i can make myself do and focus on them, rather than set some goal which I haven't been able to perform a single step towards and then feel awful about not living up to it.
    - make this place home - get furniture, get food in the fridge, cook more, enjoy the fact that it's all to myself
    - spend more time with family and friends, say yes when i'm invited, try to make things happen
    - use money to make my life easier

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    My 2023 New years resolution is to get back to doing the new years resolution threads. Can't believe i've missed this many! Hopefully I remember to be back this December... Also I think I'm almost at my 20 years of being on this forum!

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    - Necrobump as many threads as I can /s
    - Watch anime with the kids
    - Find happiness in my work
    - Focus on one hobby, not many hobbies.

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